42 records
Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
Antonioni Alberto UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary Game Theory on Complex Networks
Brandt Anna UNIBE - 3 experiments in behavioral economics Prof. Frauke von Bieberstein
Buffat Justin UNIL E-Mail Behavioral and public economics
Cacault Maria Paula UNIL E-Mail Experimental economics: social preferences and social networks Rafael Lalive
Chui Celia UNIL E-Mail Observer Responses to Interpersonal Negative Behaviors in Organizations Joerg Dietz
Cottier Lionel UNIL E-Mail Behavioral finance
Dabrowska-Leszczynska Agnieszka UNIL E-Mail Importance of scents for brand communication Assistant Professor Manja Zidansek
Professor Sandor Czellar
Danton Jayson UNIL E-Mail Behavioral Finance
Derchi Giovanni Battista UNIL E-Mail Environmental Management Accounting Prof. Dr. Michael Burkert
Prof. Dr. Daniel Oyon
Desmichel Perrine UNIL E-Mail Consumer Behavior - Product categorization Joseph Lajos
Bruno Kocher
Essl Andrea UNIBE E-Mail Behavioral and experimental economics
Feix Aurélien UNIL E-Mail Business ethics Deborah Philippe
Guido Palazzo
Fischer Thomas UNIL E-Mail Leadership John Antonakis and Jörg Dietz (Co-Supervision)
Ghiassaleh Arezou UNIL E-Mail Effect of assortment structure and perceived variety on wasteful consumption Prof. Joseph Lajos
Gioaba Irina UNIL E-Mail Combating Age Discrimination Against Older Employees Franciska Krings
Girardin Florent UNIL - Brand authenticity Felicitas Morhart
Grieder Manuel UNIL E-Mail The Behavioral Economics of Organizations Christian Zehnder
Hafenbrädl Sebastian UNIL E-Mail Ethics, expectations and escalation: perspectives on managerial decision making Ulrich Hoffrage
Hänni Simon UNIL E-Mail Topics in behavioral economics Lorenz Götte
Harms Annette UNIL E-Mail Behavioral and experimental economics, labor economics Lorenz Goette 2015
Hellwig Katharina UNIL E-Mail Collaborative Consumption and Psychological Well-Being of Consumers Felicitas Morhart
Guido Palazzo
Hihi Sofiane UNIGE - Green consumption choices in developing countries Pr. Jérémy Lucchetti
Irnhauser Bettina UNIFR E-Mail Information Security Prof. Dr. Stephanie Teufel
Iurchenko Denis UNIL E-Mail Strategy; Entrepreneurial finance; Crowdfunding Prof. Jeffrey Petty
Jiang Lingqing UNIL E-Mail Behavioral economics Lorenz Goette
Kistler Deborah UNIL E-Mail Behavioral/Experimental Economics Christian Thöni
Lambiris Mark UNIL E-Mail Behavioural Economics: stress and financial decisions Prof. Lorenz Goette
Link Daniela UNIL E-Mail How environmental frequencies influence strategy selection Julian Marewski
Ulrich Hoffrage
November 2017
Martin Christian UNIL E-Mail Causes and Consequences of Existential Anxiety in Consumers Sandor Czellar
Prostakova Irina UNIL E-Mail Corporate Finance Norman Schürhoff 2018
Rabeson Landisoa Eunorphie UNIFR - Service marketing Prof. Dr. Silke Bambauer-Sachse
Schlegel Christoph UNIL E-Mail Microeconomics
Schmitz Jan ETHZ E-Mail Pro Social Behavior of Individuals Firms and States
Schnegg Maël UNIL E-Mail Strategical Control Daniel Oyon
Schuhmacher Karl UNIL E-Mail Aggregation and Probabilistic Information: Psychological Effects and Errors (Management Accounting) Daniel Oyon
Michael Burkert
Senn Julien UNIL E-Mail Behavioral/Experimental Economics + Industrial Organization Lorenz Goette
Thomas Von Ungern - Sternberg
Sharvit Gil UNIGE E-Mail Investigating human anterior insula function Prof. Patrik Patrik Vuilleumier
Dr. Corrado Corradi Dell'Acqua
Staubli David UNIL E-Mail Rewards and Entry: An Experimental Approach Luis Pedro Santos Pinto
Stephen Sarah UNIL E-Mail CSR
Tur Benjamin UNIL E-Mail Words and gestures: what makes a leader charismatic ? Investigation of the verbal and non verbal charismatic behaviours in public speaking, social media and leadership contexts. Marianne Schmid Mast
Warrot Delphine UNIGE - Neuroeconomics and emotion
Zimmermann Lisa UNIFR - MCS & Strategy Prof. Dr. Michael Burkert