113 records
Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
ADRIAN Nana Christina UNIBE - Corporate Social Responsibility (provisional) Prof. Dr. Winand Emons
ANIC Vladimir UNIFR - Percieved attractiveness of complex financial products: The role of presentation mode and reference instrument Prof. Martin Wallmeier
ANTONIONI Alberto UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary Game Theory on Complex Networks
AOUN Adam UNIL E-Mail Financial Accounting
ARIFINE Ghizlane UNIFR E-Mail The concept of Multiple loyalty Prof. Dr. Olivier Furrer
BILELLA Alessandro UNIFR - neuroscience Professor Marco Celio
BONINSEGNI Melanie UNIFR - Relationship marketing Prof. Olivier Furrer
BRANDT Anna UNIBE - 3 experiments in behavioral economics Prof. Frauke von Bieberstein
BUCHS Aurélia UNIL - Public finance Prof. Nils Soguel
BUFFAT Justin UNIL E-Mail Behavioral and public economics
CACAULT Maria Paula UNIL E-Mail Experimental economics: social preferences and social networks Rafael Lalive
CHUI Celia UNIL E-Mail Observer Responses to Interpersonal Negative Behaviors in Organizations Joerg Dietz
COLZANI Paola UNIL E-Mail Strategic Complementarity, Learning and Monetary Policy.
COTTIER Lionel UNIL E-Mail Behavioral finance
CREDE Ann-Kathrin UNIBE E-Mail Experimental evidence on behavior in organizations and markets Prof. Dr. Frauke von Bieberstein
Prof. Dr. Christian Zehnder
DABROWSKA-LESZCZYNSKA Agnieszka UNIL E-Mail Importance of scents for brand communication Assistant Professor Manja Zidansek
Professor Sandor Czellar
DANTON Jayson UNIL E-Mail Behavioral Finance
DAUTOVIC Ernest UNIL E-Mail Development Economics Prof. Olivier Cadot
DERCHI Giovanni Battista UNIL E-Mail Environmental Management Accounting Prof. Dr. Michael Burkert
Prof. Dr. Daniel Oyon
DESMICHEL Perrine UNIL E-Mail Consumer Behavior - Product categorization Joseph Lajos
Bruno Kocher
DOKU Angela UNIGE E-Mail Papers in Environmental and Development Economics Salvatore DiFalco
DÖLL Olivia UNIGE - Risk Aversion in an Intertemporal Setting: Experimental Evidence B. Lanz 2019
ESSL Andrea UNIBE E-Mail Behavioral and experimental economics
EUGSTER Nicolas UNIFR - Essay on ownership structure and family firms Dusan Isakov
FEIX Aurélien UNIL E-Mail Business ethics Deborah Philippe
Guido Palazzo
FILICE Federica UNIFR E-Mail Title: Parvalbumin interneurons:a key neuronal circuit in autism spectrum disorders? Domain: Neuroscience
FISCHER Thomas UNIL E-Mail Leadership John Antonakis and Jörg Dietz (Co-Supervision)
FRIEDRICH Kathrin UNIBE - Not yet defined
FÜRER Stephanie UNIFR - Game Theory. Rainer Wolff
GABSI Hatem UNINE E-Mail International Human Resources Management Cinzia Dal Zotto
GEHRLEIN Jonas UNIBE - Not yet decided, just started Prof. Dr. Frauke von Bieberstein
GENCER BUSRA UNIL E-Mail Electricity Market Regulations Ann van Ackere
GHIASSALEH Arezou UNIL E-Mail Effect of assortment structure and perceived variety on wasteful consumption Prof. Joseph Lajos
GIOABA Irina UNIL E-Mail Combating Age Discrimination Against Older Employees Franciska Krings
GIRARDIN Florent UNIL - Brand authenticity Felicitas Morhart
GOOSSENS Roman IHEID E-Mail Economics
GRIEDER Manuel UNIL E-Mail The Behavioral Economics of Organizations Christian Zehnder
GROSSRIEDER Sven UNIFR - Domain of thesis: Managerial Accounting Title: t.b.d. Prof. Dr. Michael Burkert
GRUBAN Moritz UNIL E-Mail Legitimacy Patrick Haack 2022
GRUJOVIC Anja UNIGE E-Mail Labour economics and education choices Prof Marcelo Olarreaga
GUO Shiqi IHEID E-Mail Development microeconomics, behavioral economics. Prof. Jean-Louis Arcand
HAFENBRÄDL Sebastian UNIL E-Mail Ethics, expectations and escalation: perspectives on managerial decision making Ulrich Hoffrage
HÄNNI Simon UNIL E-Mail Topics in behavioral economics Lorenz Götte
HARMS Annette UNIL E-Mail Behavioral and experimental economics, labor economics Lorenz Goette 2015
HEINZLE Priska UNIFR - Prof. Dr. Silke Bambauer-Sachse
HELLWIG Katharina UNIL E-Mail Collaborative Consumption and Psychological Well-Being of Consumers Felicitas Morhart
Guido Palazzo
HEMMENS Christopher UNIGE E-Mail Irrational Behaviour in Finance
HERTIG Yves UNIFR E-Mail Energy Prosumer Behaviour Prof. Dr. Stephanie Teufel
HIHI Sofiane UNIGE - Green consumption choices in developing countries Pr. Jérémy Lucchetti
IRNHAUSER Bettina UNIFR E-Mail Information Security Prof. Dr. Stephanie Teufel
IURCHENKO Denis UNIL E-Mail Strategy; Entrepreneurial finance; Crowdfunding Prof. Jeffrey Petty
JATIVA SIERRA XIMENA BETHSABE UNIFR - Market imperfections in developing countries. Prof. Christelle Dumas
JAUSSI Stefanie UNIBE - Behavioral research Prof. Dr. Frauke von Bieberstein
JIANG Lingqing UNIL E-Mail Behavioral economics Lorenz Goette
JOESSEL Augustin UNIGE - Determinants of learning : from flow to game mechanics Daphné Bavelier 2020
KADJI Keou Kambiwa UNIL E-Mail Physician self disclosure and patient physician relationship Marianne Schmid Mast
KISTLER Deborah UNIL E-Mail Behavioral/Experimental Economics Christian Thöni
KLEINBAUER Tyler UNIL E-Mail Leadership, and organizational research methods John Antonakis 2023
LAGOMARSINO Maria UNINE - Social marketing & consumer behavior- energy consumption (!) Linda Lemarié
LAMB Philippe UNINE E-Mail Mesurer la performance du processus d'internationalisation des PMEs: test empirique d'un modèle conceptuel à partir d'études de cas longitudinales
LAMBIRIS Mark UNIL E-Mail Behavioural Economics: stress and financial decisions Prof. Lorenz Goette
LANG Ghislaine UNINE E-Mail Essays on the Economics of Energy and Real Estate Management Bruno Lanz, UniNE
LINK Daniela UNIL E-Mail How environmental frequencies influence strategy selection Julian Marewski
Ulrich Hoffrage
November 2017
LONATI Sirio UNIL E-Mail Interdisciplinary approach to leadership research John Antonakis & Christian Zehnder (co-supervision)
MANAI Maha UNIL - Behavioral Economics Adrian Bruhin
MARAKI Maria UNIL E-Mail Droit et économie, économie expérimentale Prof. Christian Thöni
Prof. André Kuhn
MARTIN Christian UNIL E-Mail Causes and Consequences of Existential Anxiety in Consumers Sandor Czellar
MASOOD Maria UNIGE E-Mail Essays on cultural diversity and trade Celine Carrère
Francoise Benhamou
MASSERA Laura UNIFR - Prof. Dr. Silke Bambauer-Sachse
MAZUMDAR Poorna IHEID E-Mail Three Essays in Development Economics Jean-Louis Arcand
MEHROTRA Rahul IHEID E-Mail Essays on the Economics of Finance and Development Ugo Panizza
Lore Vandewalle
METTLER Linda UNIFR - La GRH dans l'industrie horlogère suisse Prof. Eric Davoine
MOUSSAOUI Lisa UNIGE E-Mail axe croyances-motivations-implémentations en psychologie de la santé Olivier Desrichard
NANO Enrico IHEID E-Mail Three essays in Economics of Education Prof. Dr. Jean-Louis Arcand
Prof. Dr. Martina Viarengo
NASSAR Anis UNIFR E-Mail Exploratory title: Externalization of costs in the meat and dairy industries
OBERHOLZER Yvonne UNIGE E-Mail The Influence of Basic Cognitive Processes on Economic Preferences Benjamin Scheibehenne
OMEIRA Mansour UNINE - Valéry Bezençon
PALESE Tristan UNIL E-Mail Leadership behavioral adaptability: antecedents and outcomes.
PÉCLAT Martin UNINE E-Mail Determinants and implications of the diffusion of solar photovoltaic systems Prof. Dr. Milad Zarin
Prof. Dr. Andrea Baranzini
PHILIPPY David UNIL E-Mail "Le monde derrière la courbe de la demande": une histoire de l'économie de la consommation aux États-Unis (1885-1934) Harro Maas 2022
PIPOZ Layal Christine UNIFR - Analyse et développement des méthodes de projection des recettes et des dépenses des assurances sociales suisses Prof. Dr. Laurent Donzé
PROSTAKOVA Irina UNIL E-Mail Corporate Finance Norman Schürhoff 2018
RABESON Landisoa Eunorphie UNIFR - Service marketing Prof. Dr. Silke Bambauer-Sachse
RADKE Pia UNIGE - Migration and Labour Economics Tobias Müller
REINS Evert UNINE E-Mail Behavioral Barriers to the Adoption of Energy Efficient Technologies Prof. Bruno Lanz expected 2021
RENAUD-DIT-LOUIS Yannick UNIFR - Service failure and service recovery Dr. Prof. Silke Bambauer-Sachse
ROSSI Clelia UNIFR - The integration of skilled migrants Prof. Eric Davoine
SANCHEZ Dante IHEID E-Mail Married...with children? The effect of income shocks on family arrangements Prof. Jean-Louis Arcand 2021
SAXENA Kritika IHEID E-Mail Three Essays in Development Economics Dr. Lore Vandewalle
Dr. Jean Louis-Arcand
SCHLEGEL Christoph UNIL E-Mail Microeconomics
SCHMITZ Jan ETHZ E-Mail Pro Social Behavior of Individuals Firms and States
SCHNEGG Maël UNIL E-Mail Strategical Control Daniel Oyon
SCHUHMACHER Karl UNIL E-Mail Aggregation and Probabilistic Information: Psychological Effects and Errors (Management Accounting) Daniel Oyon
Michael Burkert
SENN Julien UNIL E-Mail Behavioral/Experimental Economics + Industrial Organization Lorenz Goette
Thomas Von Ungern - Sternberg
SHARVIT Gil UNIGE E-Mail Investigating human anterior insula function Prof. Patrik Patrik Vuilleumier
Dr. Corrado Corradi Dell'Acqua
SHUMAN Vera UNIL E-Mail The influence of emotions on cognitive flexibility Richard Gonzalez, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, USA
Phoebe Ellsworth, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, USA
SIERRO Guillaume UNIL E-Mail Cognitive styles associats to autistiques and schizotypal traits: mecanist and mentalist approach of social cognition. Christine Mohr
STÄMPFLI Aline UNIBE E-Mail Consumer Behavior Claude Messner
Thomas Brunner
STAUBLI David UNIL E-Mail Rewards and Entry: An Experimental Approach Luis Pedro Santos Pinto
STEFFEN Angela UNIBE E-Mail Behavioral Economics
TARDITI JOZ-ROLAND Céline UNIGE E-Mail Mécanismes neuro-cognitifs de l'activation des valeurs Prof. Tobias Brosch
TAUTVYDAITE Domile UNIGE - Reality Filtering and Encoding in Human Memory Armin Schnider
TUR Benjamin UNIL E-Mail Words and gestures: what makes a leader charismatic ? Investigation of the verbal and non verbal charismatic behaviours in public speaking, social media and leadership contexts. Marianne Schmid Mast
TYACK Nicholas IHEID E-Mail The Economic Value of Plant Genetic Resources Timothy Swanson
Jean-Louis Arcand
TYAHLO Svitlana UNIFR E-Mail Evaluation of labor, health, and educational policies.
VALLE LARA Victoria UNIL E-Mail Conflict in organisations Christian Zehnder
VOLPENTESTA Valeria UNIL E-Mail Board Networks; Corporate Finance; Financial Reporting 2020
VOYLOSHNIKOVA Daria UNIFR E-Mail Transboundary Governance
WARROT Delphine UNIGE - Neuroeconomics and emotion
WASNA Dominique UNIBE E-Mail Bevioral Research in Financial Accounting Prof. Dr. Alexis Kunz
WETTSTEIN Jason UNIL - Behavioral economics Christian Thöni
ZIMMERMANN Lisa UNIFR - MCS & Strategy Prof. Dr. Michael Burkert