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How environmental frequencies influence strategy selection

Author Daniela Link
Director of thesis Julian Marewski
Co-director of thesis Ulrich Hoffrage
Summary of thesis In the first project, I use frequencies of information in the internet (i.e., in Wikipedia) to predict what knowledge people will retrieve from memory when facing a decision (e.g., which of two cities is larger?, which country has the larger GDP?, which of two airlines transports more people? ). Based on predicted retrieval probabilities and retrieval times of pieces of knowledge, I simulate the applicability and accuracy of different knowledge-based decision strategies. In a second project, I simulate behavior of agents behaving in a group context. Agents can either follow their attitude or follow the behavior of the majority, in situations where both might be in conflict (i.e., denouncing a classmate, making a donation to a charity). In a third project, I look at whether people consider information in order of validity or retrieval fluency when making decisions from memory.
Administrative delay for the defence November 2017