PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
ALDABBAS Mohammad UNIFR E-Mail Smart Sovereignty and Security Guidelines for Society 5.0 Prof. Dr. Stephanie Teufel
ANIC Vladimir UNIFR E-Mail Percieved attractiveness of complex financial products: The role of presentation mode and reference instrument Prof. Martin Wallmeier
ANTUNES Alice UNIL E-Mail Political Economy and Development Elena Esposito 2022
ARCINIEGAS Christian UNIFR E-Mail Development economics Christelle DUMAS
ARDELEANU Dorina UNIGE E-Mail Transformative effect of digitalisation on power relationship in organizations Prof. Thomas Straub 2023
ARIFINE Ghizlane UNIFR E-Mail The concept of Multiple loyalty Prof. Dr. Olivier Furrer
ARMAOS Konstantinos UNIL E-Mail Fast and Frugal Trees as a tool for social classification and identification Ulrich Hoffrage 2023
ASCHWANDEN Rahel UNIBE E-Mail Understanding behavior and encouraging behavior change Prof. Dr. Claude Messner 2025
BAHAMONDES Felipe IHEID E-Mail Three Essays on Trade Costs and Firm Dynamics in Exporting Markets
BARZA-NICOARA Radu-Nicolae IHEID E-Mail Inequalities in Educational Outcomes Martina VIARENGO 2022
BAUMGARTNER Stefanie Simone UNIFR E-Mail behavioral and experimental economics, development economics Thierry Madiès, Suisse
Marie Claire Villeval, France
BEKBERGENOVA Anely UNIL E-Mail Three papers in gender, charisma, and entrepreneurship Prof. Marianne Schmid Mast
Prof. John Antonakis
BEKTAS Alperen UNINE E-Mail Behavioural Economics, Computational Economics, Heterogeneous Economics Prof. Mehdi Farsi
BÉNÉDICTE Droz UNIFR E-Mail behavioral economics Prof. Berno Buechel
BERNARDIC Ursa UNIGE E-Mail Combining neuroscience, marketing and cognitive modeling. Prof. Benjamin Scheibehenne
BHADRA Kinkini UNIGE E-Mail Auditory and speech perception Prof. Anne Lise Giraud 2022
BREGULLA Daniel UNIBE E-Mail Decision-making in the context of sustainability using insights from behavioral economics Prof. Dr. Ben Jann
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Berger
BRESSOUD Nicolas UNIFR E-Mail Positive psychology interventions with pupils with special needs.
BRUNNER Philipp UNIBE E-Mail Microeconomic Theory Prof. Igor Letina
BURRI Silvan UNIFR E-Mail Whether an idealized advertising model fosters product evaluation depends on the product and on how malleable people conceive their body shape Herr Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dirk Morschett
BUTERA Anaïs UNIL E-Mail Strategies to reduce employment discrimination towards disabled individuals Dr. Prof. Marianne Schmid Mast 2024
CAGNOLO Emanuele UNIL E-Mail Entrepreneurial finance, entrepreneuriahip, Innovation, Venture Capital. Prof. Annamaria Conti 2025
CHARDONNENS Patrick UNIFR E-Mail Managerial earnings choices Martin Wallmeier 2022
CHEN Yuxi UNIL E-Mail behavioral
CHEN Zhubin IHEID E-Mail Health Economics Jean-Louis Arcand
CHLOÉ Baillod UNIFR E-Mail Services marketing; intercultural service encounters Prof. Dr. Olivier Furrer
CIFARELLI Flavia UNIGE E-Mail International Trade and Child Labour Marcelo Olarreaga
CROCE Julia Teresa UNIGE E-Mail CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: A VEHICLE FOR DEMOCRACY BUILDING IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Judith Schrempf-Stirling Associate Professor of Responsible Management Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM) University of Geneva 40 Blvd. du Pont-d’Arve, CH-1211 Geneva Tel: + 41 22 379 94 06 Email [email protected]
DAROUICHI Aida UNIGE E-Mail Strategic Management and Organizational Behavior
DAROUICHI Oussama UNINE E-Mail Domain: international management
DE SAINT PRIEST Oriana UNIL E-Mail Advancing economic activity through improved institutions
DRIEBERGEN Phebe UNIL E-Mail The role of power and dependance on the motivation to behaviorally adapt. Marianne Schmid Mast 2025
DUQUE Diana UNIL E-Mail Self-Gift Giving and Sustainability Prof. Sandor Czellar 2025
ELLIOTT Rebecca UNIGE E-Mail Businesses for society Judith Schrempf-Stirling 2024
EMERY Yasmin UNINE E-Mail Neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of the cognitive processes of cleaner fish Labroides dimidiatus Redouan Bshary 2022
FILICE Federica UNIFR E-Mail Title: Parvalbumin interneurons:a key neuronal circuit in autism spectrum disorders? Domain: Neuroscience
FÜRER Stephanie UNIFR E-Mail Game Theory. Rainer Wolff
GARLASCO Paolo UNIGE E-Mail My thesis will be on risk attitudes, emotions and economic decision-making
GONZALEZ Paula IHEID E-Mail 1. Cash Is Queen: Local Economy Growth Effects of Unconditional Cash Transfers to Women in West Africa 2. Agricultural Labor as a Constraints for Women Farmers Time Use Management and Markets Lore Vandewalle 2022
GOSETTO Laetitia UNIGE E-Mail The Question of Mobile Application Personalization Aimed at Behavioural Change in the Healthcare Domain Gilles Falquet
Frédéric Ehrler
GOUGLER Arnaud UNIFR E-Mail Essays in behavioral and experimental economics Prof. Dr. Holger Herz
GRUBAN Moritz UNIL E-Mail Legitimacy Patrick Haack 2022
GUIZAR ROSALES Emmanuel teófilo UNIBE E-Mail Neural correlates of sustainable behaviour (provisional) Prof. Dr. Daria Knoch
GUO Shiqi IHEID E-Mail Development microeconomics, behavioral economics. Prof. Jean-Louis Arcand
HAMMAMI Aicha UNINE E-Mail International Human Resource Management Prof. Cinzia Dal Zotto
HAN Kyungbo UNIGE E-Mail Ex-ante and ex-post risk coping behaviors of smallholder farmers in African countries Salvatore Di Falco
HAUSER David UNIBE E-Mail Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Economics of Digitization, Artificial Intelligence Prof. Dr. Frauke von Bieberstein 2022
HEDIGER Cécile UNINE E-Mail Energy Economics, Rebound Effect Mehdi Farsi
HEINZLE Priska UNIFR E-Mail Prof. Dr. Silke Bambauer-Sachse
HEMMENS Christopher UNIGE E-Mail Irrational Behaviour in Finance
HERBERZ Mario UNIGE E-Mail "Leveraging behavioral insights (nudges) to promote fuel efficient car purchases" Prof. Tobias Brosch (UniGE)
Dr. Ulf Hahnel
HOECHLI Bettina UNIBE E-Mail The end motivates the means: Focusing on superordinate goals to motivate goal pursuit. Prof. Claude Messner, Universität Bern, Departement Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Institut für Marketing und Unternehmensführung, Abteilung Consumer Behavior
Prof. Lorenz Götte
JHA Rahul UNIGE E-Mail Customer Experienced Product Quality - could sustainability be one of the quality dimensions ? Prof Marcel Paulssen 2025
JIANG Chen UNIGE E-Mail Development and behavioral economics Giacomo De Giorgi
JMILI Nada UNIL E-Mail Gender hiring discrimination Franciska Krings
JOST Matthieu UNIL E-Mail Behavioural economics Marianne Schmid Mast
KAISER Franziska UNIL E-Mail Digitization, Platform Economics, Intellectual Property Rights Professor Christian Peukert 2025
KALOUGUINA Veronika UNIL E-Mail Integration of personalized health in Switzerland.
KEOPRASEUTH Liliane UNIL E-Mail Employee work motivation
KLEINBAUER Tyler UNIL E-Mail Leadership, and organizational research methods John Antonakis 2023
KOPP Leander UNIFR E-Mail Essays in Behavioral Economics
KOUKAL Anna Maria UNIFR E-Mail The thesis is in the domain of political economy and works (among others) on questions about power sharing, enfranchisement, women suffrage, change in cultural influence etc. For the empirical part I work with two novel historical data sets covering the process of women's suffrage in Switzerland between 1920 and 1990. Reiner Eichenberger
KULLE Anna-corinna UNIBE E-Mail Laboratory and field experiment in behavioral economics Frauke von Bieberstein
KURTOVIĆ Hrvoje UNIL E-Mail Essays on Investor Sentiment and Market Efficiency Prof. Garen Markarian, PhD 2023
LAFERRIÈRE Vincent UNIL E-Mail Competition policy with targeted punishment Joao Montez
Christian Thöni
LAMB Philippe UNINE E-Mail Mesurer la performance du processus d'internationalisation des PMEs: test empirique d'un modèle conceptuel à partir d'études de cas longitudinales Prof. Sam Blili
MA Yao UNINE E-Mail Social networks in organizations Prof. Claudia Jonczyk Sedes
MACIOSEK Benedikt UNINE E-Mail Energy economics Prof. Mehdi Farsi
MARTI Eva UNIL E-Mail Inclusive Digital Extension Services for Smallholder Farming Households in India and Uganda
MASOOD Maria UNIGE E-Mail Essays on cultural diversity and trade Celine Carrère
Francoise Benhamou
MATTHEWES Elisa UNIFR E-Mail Essays on Entrepreneurship Prof. Dr. Holger Herz
MEJRI Farah UNIL E-Mail Innovation in management control system Daniel oyon
Davila Antonio
MOKEDDEM Louisa UNINE E-Mail Management Professeur Valéry Bezençon
NANI Carlotta IHEID E-Mail Essays in development economics
NANO Enrico IHEID E-Mail Three essays in Economics of Education Prof. Dr. Jean-Louis Arcand
Prof. Dr. Martina Viarengo
NASSAR Anis UNIFR E-Mail Exploratory title: Externalization of costs in the meat and dairy industries
ODLUM Alex UNIL E-Mail Humanitarian heuristics Joerg Dietz
Julian Marewski
PAIGERAC Antonia UNIFR E-Mail To be defined : the impact of the Medias on societal issues from a socio-cognitive perspective. Thilo von Pape
PARISOD Stéphane UNIFR E-Mail Persistance des accruals Prof. Dr. Franck Missonier-Piera 2020
PHILIPPY David UNIL E-Mail "Governing Irrationality: A History of Behavioural Expertise in Economics". Harro Maas
PISCIELLA Arianna UNIL E-Mail Analysis of the real effects of sustainability accounting practices
PUROHIT Aditya kumar UNINE E-Mail Framework of digital nudge for behavior change Prof. Adrian Holzer 2022
PYKÄLÄ Maria UNIL E-Mail Cultural evolution
QIU Zitian UNIL E-Mail Domain: Consumer psychology, social media marketing, luxury branding. Title: How sophisticated language helps luxury brands achieve content virality on social media. Felicitas Morhart 2025
RABI Ron UNIL E-Mail the effect of startup-to-startup interactions on performance 2024
RAHMANI Leïla UNIL E-Mail The relationships between environmental identity intensity, salience and pro-environmental consumption Czellar, Sandor (University of Lausanne), [email protected] 2022
REINS Evert UNINE E-Mail Behavioral Barriers to the Adoption of Energy Efficient Technologies Prof. Bruno Lanz expected 2021
RÜFENACHT Valérie UNINE E-Mail Consumer Behavior Prof. Bruno Kocher 2025
SANCHEZ Dante IHEID E-Mail Married...with children? The effect of income shocks on family arrangements Prof. Jean-Louis Arcand 2021
SAXENA Kritika IHEID E-Mail Three Essays in Development Economics Dr. Lore Vandewalle
Dr. Jean Louis-Arcand
SAYSON Nina bianca UNINE E-Mail Artificial Intelligence & Socioeconomic Status, Culture, Control, and Power Professor Bruno Kocher 2024
SCHÄDELI Daniela UNIBE E-Mail Contradictions in Public Organisations: Analysis and Training of Public Managers` Paradox Mindset and Decision-making between Conflicting Values Behavioral Public Administration, Public Leadership, Training, Field Experiment, Discrete-Choice-Experiment Prof. Adrian Ritz 2024
SCHAFER Patricia UNIFR E-Mail Essays in the domain of "Political Economy Perspective on Political Institutions" Prof. Dr. Reiner Eichenberger 2023?
SCHIMMELPFENNIG Robin UNIL E-Mail Social learning and its effects on path-dependencies Charles Efferson
SCHLÖDER Francisco UNIBE E-Mail Field experiments in behavioral economics Prof. Dr. Frauke von Bieberstein
Ass. Prof. Dr. Sebastian Berger
SCHMUTZ Yannick UNIFR E-Mail Essays in Local Public Policy and Fiscal Policy Prof. Dr. Mark Schelker
SCHWEGLER Yasmin UNIL E-Mail Employee deviance from organizational procedures
SIERRO Guillaume UNIL E-Mail Cognitive styles associats to autistiques and schizotypal traits: mecanist and mentalist approach of social cognition. Christine Mohr
SIMON Emilie UNIL E-Mail Nouveaux modèles économiques au service de la transition énergétique pour l'industrie gazière suisse Dominique Bourg
Stéphane Genoud
SPAMPATTI Tobia UNIGE E-Mail “Public Attitudes toward Geothermal Energy projects in Geneva: From public concerns and warning signals to communication solutions” Tobias Brosch
Ulf Hahnel Evelina Trutnevyte
STÄMPFLI Aline UNIBE E-Mail Consumer Behavior Claude Messner
Thomas Brunner
STEFFEN Angela UNIBE E-Mail Behavioral Economics
STEMPFEL Florence UNIFR E-Mail The Effects of Electoral Institutions and Information on Electoral Competition and Selection (provisional) Mark Schelker Bd de Pérolles 90 1700 Fribourg
STUHLDREIER Sanja UNIFR E-Mail Sustainable marketing & communication in social networks Prof. Dr. Bambauer-Sachse
SUTER Manuel UNIBE E-Mail Behavioural economics & sustainability
TAN Mi xue UNIGE E-Mail The dynamics of brain networks mediating componential representations of emotions Patrik Vuilleumier
TYACK Nicholas IHEID E-Mail The Economic Value of Plant Genetic Resources Timothy Swanson
Jean-Louis Arcand
TYAHLO Svitlana UNIFR E-Mail Evaluation of labor, health, and educational policies.
UYSAL Ertugrul UNINE E-Mail Consumer Behavior Professeur Valéry Bezençon
VALERIE Caron UNIBAS E-Mail Implementation of Early Intensive Behavior Intervention in a public service in Canada Annie Paquet
Annie Berube
VAN DIJK Jeremy UNINE E-Mail Environmental and Energy Economics Prof. Mehdi Farsi
VARESCON Camille UNIGE - Rehabilitation for hemispatial neglect patients through neurofeedback Patrik Vuilleumier
VON FLÜE Lukas UNIBE E-Mail Applied Cultural Evolution: Social Learning and its Consequences in Heterogeneous Populations Prof. Dr. Sonja Vogt
Prof. Dr. Charles Efferson
VON FLÜE Lukas UNIL E-Mail Heterogeneity in Social Learning and its Effects on Diffusion of Social Norms Prof. Sonja Vogt: [email protected]
Prof. Charles Efferson: [email protected]
WYSS Annika UNIBE E-Mail Affective and cognitive mechanisms underlying environmental decision making Prof. Dr. Daria Knoch
YANAR Evrim UNIL E-Mail Luxury Consumption Behavior Prof. Dr. Felicitas Morhart
YOUNG Ashley UNIFR E-Mail Dynamic Pricing Dr Bambauer-Sachse
YUAN Huajuan UNIL E-Mail ESG
ZAFRA Jessica UNIGE E-Mail Using a co-creation approach to develop a Core Outcome Set for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus David Beran
J Jaime Miranda
ZIHLMANN Christian UNIFR E-Mail Behavioral econ / organizational economics and innovation&entrepreneurship