PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
ARCINIEGAS Christian UNIFR E-Mail Development economics Christelle DUMAS
ARMAOS Konstantinos UNIL E-Mail Investigating the Role of Identities and Motivated Cognition in Judgment and Decision Making Ulrich Hoffrage 2023
ASCHWANDEN Rahel UNIBE E-Mail Understanding behavior and encouraging behavior change Prof. Dr. Claude Messner 2025
BACH Helena UNIGE E-Mail Institutions and green consumption Jérémy Lucchetti 2027
BAHAMONDES Felipe IHEID E-Mail Three Essays on Trade Costs and Firm Dynamics in Exporting Markets
BARZA-NICOARA Radu-Nicolae IHEID E-Mail Inequalities in Educational Outcomes Martina VIARENGO 2022
BAUMGARTNER Stefanie Simone UNIFR E-Mail behavioral and experimental economics, development economics Thierry Madiès, Suisse
Marie Claire Villeval, France
BEKBERGENOVA Anely UNIL E-Mail Three papers in gender, charisma, and entrepreneurship Prof. Marianne Schmid Mast
Prof. John Antonakis
BÉNÉDICTE Droz UNIFR E-Mail behavioral economics Prof. Berno Buechel
BHADRA Kinkini UNIGE E-Mail Auditory and speech perception Prof. Anne Lise Giraud 2022
BOHREN Noah UNIL E-Mail Essays in experimental economics Rustamadjan Hakimov Predicted 2025
BREGULLA Daniel UNIBE E-Mail Decision-making in the context of sustainability using insights from behavioral economics Prof. Dr. Ben Jann
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Berger
BRESSOUD Nicolas UNIFR E-Mail Positive psychology interventions with pupils with special needs.
BRUNNER Philipp UNIBE E-Mail Microeconomic Theory Prof. Igor Letina
BURRI Silvan UNIFR E-Mail Whether an idealized advertising model fosters product evaluation depends on the product and on how malleable people conceive their body shape Herr Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dirk Morschett
BUTERA Anaïs UNIL E-Mail Strategies to reduce employment discrimination towards disabled individuals Dr. Prof. Marianne Schmid Mast 2024
CAGNOLO Emanuele UNIL E-Mail Entrepreneurial finance, entrepreneuriahip, Innovation, Venture Capital. Prof. Annamaria Conti 2025
CHARDONNENS Patrick UNIFR E-Mail Managerial earnings choices Martin Wallmeier 2022
CHEN Mengjia UNIGE E-Mail addictive behavior Aleksey Tetenov 2027
CHEN Yuxi UNIL E-Mail behavioral
CHLOÉ Baillod UNIFR E-Mail Services marketing; intercultural service encounters Prof. Dr. Olivier Furrer
CIFARELLI Flavia UNIGE E-Mail International Trade and Child Labour Marcelo Olarreaga
CROCE Julia Teresa UNIGE E-Mail CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: A VEHICLE FOR DEMOCRACY BUILDING IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES Judith Schrempf-Stirling Associate Professor of Responsible Management Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM) University of Geneva 40 Blvd. du Pont-d’Arve, CH-1211 Geneva Tel: + 41 22 379 94 06 Email [email protected]
DADIC Hana UNIBE E-Mail Behavioral Economics & Sustainability Prof. Dr. Frauke von Bieberstein
DIASSO Babou Sébastien UNIGE E-Mail Foreign investment protection in international law and economic policy practice: essay on policies for integrating global value chains in Africa. Prof. Céline Carrère
Prof. Makane Moïse Mbengue
DRIEBERGEN Phebe UNIL E-Mail The role of power and dependance on the motivation to behaviorally adapt. Marianne Schmid Mast 2025
DUQUE Diana UNIL E-Mail Self-Gift Giving and Sustainability Prof. Sandor Czellar 2025
ELLIOTT Rebecca UNIGE E-Mail Businesses for society Judith Schrempf-Stirling 2024
EMERY Yasmin UNINE E-Mail Neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of the cognitive processes of cleaner fish Labroides dimidiatus Redouan Bshary 2022
FAESSLER Lisa UNIL E-Mail 2024
FALK Johanna UNIGE E-Mail Affective Influences on Goal Pursuit: The Moderating Role of Deliberation Prof. Guido H. E. Gendolla 2023
FOMINA Kateryna UNIGE E-Mail Human-Machine Collaboration in Organizations Professor Sebastian Raisch 2024
GARGIULO Alessandra Maria UNIL E-Mail provisional domain: green financing Nicolas Rudolf 2025
GONZALEZ Paula IHEID E-Mail 1. Cash Is Queen: Local Economy Growth Effects of Unconditional Cash Transfers to Women in West Africa 2. Agricultural Labor as a Constraints for Women Farmers Time Use Management and Markets Lore Vandewalle 2022
GOSETTO Laetitia UNIGE E-Mail The Question of Mobile Application Personalization Aimed at Behavioural Change in the Healthcare Domain Gilles Falquet
Frédéric Ehrler
GRUTTAD'AURIA Giuseppe UNINE E-Mail Management (consumer behaviour and information systems) Valéry Bezençon
Adrian Holzer
GUILLOT Aude UNINE E-Mail Domaine : Droit de la Santé Publique Titre : L'ARCHITECTURE DES HEALTHY NUDGES: Quels enjeux juridiques ? Professeure Mélanie Levy - UniNE 2024
GUIZAR ROSALES Emmanuel Teófilo UNIBE E-Mail Neural correlates of sustainable behaviour (provisional) Prof. Dr. Daria Knoch
GUO Yiran UNIL E-Mail Unethical behaviors and prosocial behaviors
GUTIÉRREZ RUAN María UNIL E-Mail Disentangling lab in the field experiments Harro Maas 2026
HAESE Jérémie UNIL E-Mail Digital Economics, Innovation Strategy, Platform Markets Christian Peukert 2025
HAMDAOUI Khalid UNINE E-Mail Customer behavior Valéry Bezençon 2026
HAMMAMI Aicha UNINE E-Mail International Human Resource Management Prof. Cinzia Dal Zotto
HAN Kyungbo UNIGE E-Mail Ex-ante and ex-post risk coping behaviors of smallholder farmers in African countries Salvatore Di Falco
HAUSER David UNIBE E-Mail Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Economics of Digitization, Artificial Intelligence Prof. Dr. Frauke von Bieberstein 2022
HOECHLI Bettina UNIBE E-Mail The end motivates the means: Focusing on superordinate goals to motivate goal pursuit. Prof. Claude Messner, Universität Bern, Departement Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Institut für Marketing und Unternehmensführung, Abteilung Consumer Behavior
Prof. Lorenz Götte
HOLENWEGER Geraldine UNIBE E-Mail Consumer Behavior Prof. Dr. Claude Messner
JHA Rahul UNIGE E-Mail Customer Experienced Product Quality - could sustainability be one of the quality dimensions ? Prof Marcel Paulssen 2025
JIANG Chen UNIGE E-Mail Development and behavioral economics Giacomo De Giorgi
JMILI Nada UNIL E-Mail Gender hiring discrimination Franciska Krings
JOST Matthieu UNIL E-Mail Behavioural economics Marianne Schmid Mast
KAESER Michèle UNIBE E-Mail Evidence for Behavioral Economics
KAISER Franziska UNIL E-Mail Economics of Digitization, Innovation, Platforms, Intellectual Property Rights Professor Christian Peukert 2025
KANGATHARAN Karthigejan UNINE E-Mail Luxury marketing and new technology Bruno Kocher
KEOPRASEUTH Liliane UNIL E-Mail Employee work motivation
KHALFALLAH Badis UNIL E-Mail PhD candidate in Management (Department of Marketing) Prof. Tobias Schlager
KOPP Leander UNIFR E-Mail Essays in Behavioral Economics
KREUTSCHY Tiffany UNIL E-Mail Management field, leadership area. John Antonakis 2027
KULLE Anna-corinna UNIBE E-Mail Laboratory and field experiment in behavioral economics Frauke von Bieberstein
LAFERRIÈRE Vincent UNIL E-Mail Competition policy with targeted punishment Joao Montez
Christian Thöni
LI Jiewei UNIL E-Mail Autonomous Products and Consumer Well-Being Tobias Schlager
Isabelle Engeler
LIU Tanzhou UNIL E-Mail Behavioral and Experimental Economics
MA Yao UNINE E-Mail Social networks in organizations Prof. Claudia Jonczyk Sedes
MACIOSEK Benedikt UNINE E-Mail Energy economics Prof. Mehdi Farsi
MAHENDIRAN Shreekanth UNIL E-Mail Reputation in the Market for Technology Prof. Jean-Philippe Bonardi Universite de Lausanne
Prof. Chirantan Chatterjee SPRU, University of Sussex
MARTI Eva UNIL E-Mail Inclusive Digital Extension Services for Smallholder Farming Households in India and Uganda
MATZINGER Jonathan UNIBE E-Mail Marketing and Finance interface Prof. Dr. Harley Krohmer 2024
MEJRI Farah UNIL E-Mail Innovation in management control system Daniel oyon
Davila Antonio
MOKEDDEM Louisa UNINE E-Mail Management Professeur Valéry Bezençon
NANI Carlotta IHEID E-Mail Essays in development economics
ODLUM Alex UNIL E-Mail Humanitarian heuristics Joerg Dietz
Julian Marewski
OSTOVAN Nima UNINE E-Mail Luxury Consumption Prof. Bruno Kocher 2027
PAIGERAC Antonia UNIFR E-Mail To be defined : the impact of the Medias on societal issues from a socio-cognitive perspective. Thilo von Pape
PISCIELLA Arianna UNIL E-Mail Analysis of the real effects of sustainability accounting practices
PUROHIT Aditya Kumar UNINE E-Mail Framework of digital nudge for behavior change Prof. Adrian Holzer 2022
PYKÄLÄ Maria UNIL E-Mail Cultural evolution
QIU Zitian UNIL E-Mail Domain: Consumer psychology, social media marketing, luxury branding. Title: How sophisticated language helps luxury brands achieve content virality on social media. Felicitas Morhart 2025
RABI Ron UNIL E-Mail the effect of startup-to-startup interactions on performance 2024
RAHMANI Leïla UNIL E-Mail The relationships between environmental identity intensity, salience and pro-environmental consumption Czellar, Sandor (University of Lausanne), [email protected] 2024
RODRIGUEZ Tom UNIFR E-Mail Behavioral Economics Holger Herz
RÜFENACHT Valérie UNINE E-Mail Consumer Behavior Prof. Bruno Kocher 2025
SAYSON Nina Bianca UNINE E-Mail Artificial Intelligence & Socioeconomic Status, Culture, Control, and Power Professor Bruno Kocher 2024
SCHÄDELI Daniela UNIBE E-Mail Contradictions in Public Organisations: Analysis and Training of Public Managers` Paradox Mindset and Decision-making between Conflicting Values Behavioral Public Administration, Public Leadership, Training, Field Experiment, Discrete-Choice-Experiment Prof. Adrian Ritz 2024
SCHAFER Patricia UNIFR E-Mail Essays in the domain of "Political Economy Perspective on Political Institutions" Prof. Dr. Reiner Eichenberger 2023?
SCHIMMELPFENNIG Robin UNIL E-Mail Social learning and its effects on path-dependencies Charles Efferson
SCHMIDT Léa UNIL E-Mail Exploring the role of the corpus callosum and inter-hemispheric communication for cognitive neurodevelopment – a multimodal approach Jonas Richiardi
Vanessa Siffredi
SCHMUTZ Yannick UNIFR E-Mail Essays in Local Public Policy and Fiscal Policy Prof. Dr. Mark Schelker
SIRRY ELBASSIOUNY Mai UNIGE E-Mail Visuospatial intervention during memory reconsolidation to reduce intrusive emotional memories after exposure to analog trauma. Professor Ulrike Rimmele
Professor Antje Horsch
SPAMPATTI Tobia UNIGE E-Mail “Public Attitudes toward Geothermal Energy projects in Geneva: From public concerns and warning signals to communication solutions” Tobias Brosch
Ulf Hahnel Evelina Trutnevyte
STEMPFEL Florence UNIFR E-Mail The Effects of Electoral Institutions and Information on Electoral Competition and Selection (provisional) Mark Schelker Bd de Pérolles 90 1700 Fribourg
STUHLDREIER Sanja UNIFR E-Mail Sustainable marketing & communication in social networks Prof. Dr. Bambauer-Sachse
SUTER Manuel UNIBE E-Mail Behavioural economics & sustainability
TAN Mi xue UNIGE E-Mail The dynamics of brain networks mediating componential representations of emotions Patrik Vuilleumier
TUGNOLI Andrea UNIGE E-Mail The effect of trading platforms on consumption Giuseppe Ugazio
Elise Payzan-LeNestor
UYSAL Ertugrul UNINE E-Mail Consumer Behavior Professeur Valéry Bezençon
VALERIE Caron UNIBAS E-Mail Implementation of Early Intensive Behavior Intervention in a public service in Canada Annie Paquet
Annie Berube
VOLITAKI Emmanouela UNIBE E-Mail Neural circuits underlying anxiety in ventral hippocampus
VON FLÜE Lukas UNIL E-Mail Heterogeneity in Social Learning and its Effects on Diffusion of Social Norms Prof. Sonja Vogt: [email protected]
Prof. Charles Efferson: [email protected]
WYSS Annika UNIBE E-Mail Affective and cognitive mechanisms underlying environmental decision making Prof. Dr. Daria Knoch
XIAN Jing UNIGE E-Mail Behavioral Economics, Fintech, International Finance Harald Hau, Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Geneva 2027
XU Jinfeng UNIL E-Mail Development, Behavioral and labor economics
YANAR Evrim UNIL E-Mail Luxury Consumption Behavior Prof. Dr. Felicitas Morhart
YOUNG Ashley UNIFR E-Mail Dynamic Pricing Dr Bambauer-Sachse
YUAN Huajuan UNIL E-Mail ESG
ZAFRA Jessica UNIGE E-Mail Using a co-creation approach to develop a Core Outcome Set for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus David Beran
J Jaime Miranda
ZUMTHURM Samuel UNIBE E-Mail FInding strategies to motivate consumers to reduce meat consumption Prof. Dr. Claude Messner
Prof. Dr. Frauke von Bieberstein