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Winter school 2015 - Behavioral Decision Making


January 18-23, 2015


Prof. Christian Zehnder, Faculté des HEC, UNIL

Prof. Lorenz Goette, Faculté des HEC, UNIL


Prof. Elke Weber, Columbia Business School

Prof. Eric Johnson, Columbia Business School



The Winter School 2015 is dedicated to the topic of behavioral decision making. Elke Weber is an expert on behavioral models of judgment and decision making under risk and uncertainty. In her recent research she has focused on appropriate ways to measure and model individual and cultural differences in risk taking, specifically in risky financial situations and environmental decision making and policy. Eric Johnson’s studies the decisions made by consumers and managers, and their implications for public policy, markets and marketing. His recent research shed new light on how the way options are presented to decision-makers affect their choices in areas such as organ donation, the choice of environmentally friendly products, and investments. We will keep the format that we have successfully used in the past. In addition to attending the lectures of our guest speakers the participants will also develop research projects during the week which they will present on the final day of the winter school.




The winter school will start on Monday, January 19th (arrival on Sunday evening) and will end on Friday, January 23rd.

Session/Day 1 (Prof. Elke Weber): 

Preference: Choice Primitive or Constructed Value?


Session/Day 2 (Prof. Eric Johnson):

Consumer Financial Decision Making: A Behavioral Approach to the Life Cycle Hypothesis


Session/Day 3 (Prof. Elke Weber): 

Who Takes Risk When and Why: Determinants of Risk Taking


Session/Day 4 (Prof. Eric Johnson):

Choice Architecture: How Choice Environment Affect Preference



For students of the CUSO universities (Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel and Fribourg) and from the university of Bern, accommodation and meals will be covered by the CUSO. Travel expenses will be reimbursed based on half-fare train ticket (2nd class) from the student’s university to the place of the activity.

Students coming from universities outside the CUSO network are required to cover their expenses for accommodation, meals and travels themselves.

Detailed information on the management directives can be found at:


The winter school is open to all Ph.D. students in economics, management, psychology and the neurosciences.

The application deadline is December 15, 2014.



Deadline for registration 15.12.2014
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